Saturday, April 12, 2008

I can fly!!!!!!

I've finally gotten over my airplane jitters. My plane from North Carolina took off at six in the morning. The early hour of this flight was unfortunate in many ways, but completely worth it. Look at what I saw:

Friday, April 11, 2008

My New Buddy, The Atlantic Ocean

After our time in DC, David and I traveled to North Carolina where I finally got to see the Atlantic ocean! It was a beautiful sight.

Here are some sea birds of the atlantic. I never knew there were seagulls with black heads!

This is a zoo we saw on the way to beach:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Exploration of the Nations Capitol

David and I spent a week in DC, exploring all the tourist attractions. Looking around, there appeared to me more tourists than locals. The way to identify tourists are families wearing matching clothes, maps and cameras, and eyes that roam all over the place.
The Smithsonian's alone are worth the visit to DC. I didn't even get to go to all of them. I did, however, go to these:

Natural History Museum:




( I love the dino bones. Imagine! There use to be a real live dinosaur covering those bones. )

The Smithsonian National Zoo:

(This cat is called the fishing cat. He looks like my old cat Stormy.)

(I love river otters! There about the cutest little creatures ever.)

(These flamingos were doing mating dances. They would all just stand still, then one bird would start squawking. After that, all of the flamingos would start squawking. They would spread out their wings and wiggle their heads back and forth. Sometimes they would peck at each other.)

Hirsshorn Modern Art Museum:

(This museum was amazing! There was a special exhibit going on called 'The Cinema Effect, Dreams' There were about ten to twenty different darkened rooms to wander in that had different art using cinema. Its strange spending so much time wandering from one dark room to another. Especially since each one had a different cinematic visual effect. One of the pieces shown was a clip from a six hour video of a man sleeping done by Andy Warhol. Later in the trip David and I were playing Cranium and one of our questions was "who made a six hour video of a man sleeping." We nailed that question!)

The Botanical Garden:

(I traveled from a jungle to a desert to the prehistoric times without having to use a plane or a time machine.)

The Air and Space Museum:

(Here is a depiction of the moon landing. You choose: An amazing feat of science and mankind, or one of the greatest conspiracies our nation has ever conceived.)

(this picture proves that pigeons are not just rats with wings. They are petit, flying spies.)

(we got to see the free planetarium show! This was a treat, especially since the planetarium in Seattle is so lousy. The planetarium was one of my favorite field trips as a kid. Now that I live in the city, I never have much of a chance to see real stars any more. )

We also went to the national cathedral:

and of course saw the capital building:

and the library of congress building:

and union station:

and presidential and war monuments: