Thursday, July 30, 2009

Idaline Escapes From Inside The Bird

The Northwest is suffering through a horrendous heat wave right now. Nobody is happy because this cities air conditioner supply is scarce. I know this comment has probably been made a zillion times, but I really feel like the wicked which of the west. I am melting. Yesterday was the highest recorded temperature ever! 104 degrees! This high temperature took a dangerous turn for me.
It started off innocuous enough. My friend Ces and I were having a craft night while watching the DVD of the BBC version of Jane Austins 'Northanger Abbey' when the trouble started. Just as Catherine was about to have another one of her lecherous day dreams, there was a loud noise that came from the TV. The TV flashed and a circle of dark light flickered in the middle of the screen, while the rest of the screen went black. The room was filled with an eerie, whistling-hum emitting from the defective TV. I got up to turn it off, but alas! The power button was unresponsive. I pounded more and more ferociously on the disobedient power button when Ces hollered "Turn it off! It's smoking!" Indeed there was smoke curling up from the side of the television. Well that was enough to make me feel frantic. "I can't! It won't turn off" I squeaked with panic. My mind was muddled. It is the same feeling I get whenever I had to take a test at school. Even if I had studied all night, for the first few moments of staring at the test, my thoughts become a soggy mess. But it was a dire situation and I could not safely linger in my befuddlement. In a moment I collected my self and dashed to the outlet and pulled out the power chord. We were saved from a potentially explosive television! We weren't saved from the stench of burning plastic. Well, now we don't have a TV, which is really to bad. But at least I have a good story to go along with the hottest day in Seattle, EVER.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Audrey and Lexie Perch Upon Their Yellow Birds

I usually don't have much interest in automobiles, but on a walk the other day, I saw some pretty autos.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Greenbow and Books

I have a librarythings page now. Eventually, I am going to write reviews. I wanted to put this widget on the side of my blog, but apparently it is to wide, so I am just going to post it here for now. All of these books are amazing!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Old Photos

Here are two old photographs that I found while rummaging through some of my things. One is a darkroom print from photo class and the other is a polaroid. Both darkrooms and polaroids are becoming obsolete due to the ease of digital photography. I love digital photography because it is a freedom to be able to take pictures of everything and anything with out having to worry about waisting a frame. But I do miss dark rooms. It is peaceful to work in a darkroom.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birds in Flight

I put these pictures on my flickr site ages ago and now they are finally here too. These pictures are from a ferry trip to Bainbridge I took with David and a friend. The island of Bainbridge doesn't excite me to much, but the ferry ride is amazing. It is only six dollars for round trip! On the way there there were children feeding the seagulls what looked to be french fries. The seagulls were in a hungry frenzy. They reminded me of my cats in the morning. They swooped down and I was able to get lots of close up photos. On the ride back we sat inside and my friend told me the most interesting story! It was a true story that involved a psychopath, a love triangle, and flirtations with the edge of madness. I wish I could tell the story, but I really think that he should write a book about his experience. I think it could become a best seller and I am sure Hollywood would be knocking at his door next. I can imagine it being shot like a modern day film noir.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here are sunlight prints that I have made now that it is sunny. I remember doing this in preschool. It is one of those things that are fun no matter your age, like swimming and bicycle riding.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evangeline is the Benevolent Ruler of a Petite Forest Kingdom

Today while walking past a tea shop in Ballard, a man sipping tea on the patio yelled at David and me, "You don't know half of what I know, and if you did, you wouldn't do a thing with it." David thought he was crazy and this is what I thought at first too, because usually only crazy people have the gumption to yell at strangers. But after thinking about it, I came up with two other theories. The first is that he is an aging philosopher. Thousands of hours of his life were spent in musty, dim-lit libraries, hunched over philosophy books. Ardently, he acquired knowledge, but he never actually did anything with it. The man is growing old, and his mind is deteriorating. Whenever he misplaces his keys he worries he has become a living embodiment of an old man stereotype. All of that knowledge is slipping away with his memory and with the passing years. He goes to the tea shop to try and let his mind relax with a newspaper and a cup of tea. When people walk by, he is distracted as he watches them pass. It is frustrating to see them and to know that they don't know all of the amazing things he does. Even so, he realizes, that they too wouldn't do anything with his knowledge.
My second theory is that he knows a most dangerous secret. With the knowledge he has, he could save lives. But if he reveals his knowledge, it could put him in grave jeopardy. All of his thoughts are centered on the debate of whether to reveal his knowledge or keep it secret. The weight of the secret is making him a tad bit batty. Most likely, either the government or a powerful corporation is involved, and he is just one small person.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shell Collection

So I shared my rock collection, now its time for shells! These shells are only the ones I collected when I was visiting Charleston.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rock Collection

I decided to take pictures of my rock collection:

I started my rock collection in third. My friends and I would play this game called "Rock Factory" where we would find rocks and trade them with each other. It sounds boring, but I remember it being a lot of fun.

A lot of these shells were collected on the beaches around Humboldt County. There are definitely more rocks to be found than shells at Humboldt beaches.

The rock on the left is the apache tear. When put to light, the apache tear becomes opaque. My grandma gave this to me when she was living in Arizona. When I was given the rock, my grandma said their was a tragic love story associated with it. It was very Romeo and Juliet. There were two young lovers and I think they may have even had disapproving families. They are having a carefree outing on top of a cliff, when the young man slips and plummets to his untimely death. The young woman is immediately overcome with grief. With her broken heart shattered in her chest, she cries and cries and cries. Her tears plop from her eyes and soar downward and land around her lovers body. I am guessing by the magic of love, her tears turn to stone. She decides she can not live without him and she jumps of the cliff to be with him. I can't say that this is the story my grandma told verbatim, but this is the general gist of what I remember.
I looked on Wikipedia, and they give a completely different explanation for the stone tears. According to Wikipedia, it was not young lovers, it was the wives and families of the Apache Warriors who were killed by the U.S. Military.

All of this talk about rocks has got me thinking about pet rocks. This fad would have never survived in the current era. In the past several years there has been a lot more emphasis on DIY. I think people would look at rocks and think "I could do that" and they would find their own rock and glue googly eyes on it.