Friday, September 30, 2011

Ahoy, Lonely Sailors!

  Here is a new book diorama I recently finished. It features two shells and a ship weathering rocky seas. The sky is rosy, because, you know.... 'A red sky at night is a sailors delight!'

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Glimpse into Prehistoric Times

  In the era of the dinosaur their were dragonflies with a wingspan of two and a half feet! Sometimes I'll see large dragonflies zipping about that look as big as a humming bird, but two and a half feet! That's more like a seagull sized dragonfly. Often when people bemoan the loss of prehistoric animals, they have the mighty dinosaur in mind. But when I went to the natural history museum in D.C., it was the prehistoric mammals that were really interesting! Although I do have a great love of dinosaurs, they are more iconic and therefore recognizable to a point where they seem normal. But there are far less books and posters and t shirts featureing prehistoic mammals, so I am less familiar with their forms. When I do see images of prehistoric mammals, they look strange and amazing.
But my love of the dinosaur will never wane! Despite the ferocity and monstrous reputation of the dinosaur, there is something kind of cute about many of them. Including the debunked brontosaurus. This diorama I made features a brontosaurus with one of those dragonflies with a two an a half wingspan.
   I learned from this website that there were all sorts of large insects in prehistoric times. This is because there was more oxygen in the air back then. Lot's of oxygen help insects grow large!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Shape Shifter

I started a new series of art recently called 'Miniature Stories.' Here is one of them:

I've recently checked out several books on calligraphy from the library. I've been practicing while watching television and movies. I wanted to learn calligraphy because on some of my pictures I want to start writing the title on the picture so the title is part of the picture. But I have messy writing so this is why I thought calligraphy would be handy. This eventually led to the 'miniature story' idea.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

While Immersed in a Good Book, Darcy Never Notices Rocky Seas.

  Darcy prefers spending time under water. While on top of the sea, a windy day can feel quite treacherous. But underneath the waves, the swish and swirl of rocky seas is relaxing and fun. But Darcy discovered the thrill of a good novel. She has tried to enjoy the novels undersea, but the ink runs and the pages tear into tiny unreadable pieces. So with the help of a thirsty sea monster, Darcy can read her books above the water. While submerged in the plots of especially juicy or exciting novels, she does not even notice rocky seas.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arabella Awaits Her Squirrel Carriage to Whisk Her Off To Amazing Lands

Arabella lives a rather luxurious life for a forest dweller. Her posse of forest animals treats her as if she were royalty. When the birds are done constructing their nests, they make her gowns from lost feathers and green leaves. The fox, usually surly, lets her ride upon it's silky red back. The bears pick her berries and catches her fish so she can eat fancy meals every evening. And the squirrel, the most loyal of her animal companions, whisks her away in the acorn carriage to wherever her heart desires. Whether she want to travel to far off lands or stay within the forests boundary, the squirrel is always eager to please.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Inside the Dinosaur, Phoebe Can Hear Nothing Except the Gentle Bleat of Color

  Comfortably nestled in the spare room of the dinosaur's interior, Phoebe sleeps soundly. She has turned on the color exploding phonograph and can hear the colors as they move and bump against each other. They gently chime like bells in the wind or bleat like birds on mountain tops. Nothing can disturb Phoebe's sleep. Not even her friend Ruby calling down to her. Ruby is concerned that her friend has lost all touch with the real world. She wants to spend all her time within the dinosaur, dreaming soft and colorful dreams. Ruby is beginning to resent the dinosaur and his friendly yet slightly smug grin. She remembers when Phoebe first found the dinosaur. The two were exploring the forest together when the dinosaur came lumbering through the trees. Ruby was fearful of the prehistoric beast, but Phoebe took an immediate shining to the dinosaur. She climbed it's scaled neck and slipped down the hole in it's back. She came reemerged with her hair disheveled and a dreamy look in her eyes. She said she had just heard the most wonderful sounds in the world. Now, Phoebe moves like a pale shadow through her life, returning more and more frequently to the comforts of the dinosaur and his strange and distant sounds.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holly and Elsa Find a Botanical Squid

Holly and Elsa take day trips to the seashore when ever they can. They like to swim in the lapping waves or read books under the warm sun while stretched upon the sand. Most of all, they like to explore the shore in search of treasures. Weather that treasure be a broken but beautiful seashell, or a long lost emerald ring, the two friends are always delighted by what they find. One day while wondering the shore, they found a beached squid growing the most wondrous of flowers. The squid reached out it's long tentacles to them as if to say hello. They had an urge to pluck a flower from the squid, but they were concerned it would hurt the strange creature. Elsa, and entrepreneur at heart, wanted to start a traveling circus staring the strange squid. Holly was always so weighed down by her own compassion that she feared walking across a patch of lawn less she crush an insect living beneath the blades of grass. She insisted that they aid the poor botanical creature back to the sea, where it can wander the ocean currents in peace with it's flowers trailing behind it, slowly wavering in the slow motion of slightly moving water.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Modest Herb Garden

In my yard, I've grown a modest herb (and flower and berry) garden. 

 Here are the herbs my garden contains:




Italian Oregano!




Greek Oregano!
  I started my herb garden rather late this year because it did not feel like summer until August in Seattle. The rosemary is from my garden last year.... the only one to survive the frigid winter. I have not even used that many of my herbs. But I have used some!

Basil in a delicious bowl of tomato soup.

Lavender in my suitcase to make all my clothes smell nice.

Peppermint in my recently invented drink concoction.

I haven't named my drink concotion yet, but it is quite delicous and refreshing. Here is how to make it:
  • Mix brewed peach tea (when cooled) with berry sparkling water. The ratio should be 1/4 peach tea to 3/4 sparkling water.
  • Add cinnamon, about a teaspoon.
  • Add fresh peppermint leaves.
  • Enjoy this refreshing beverage! 
It sounds strange, but it really is good. 

  There is also a giant, thorny blackberry bush in my yard.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Couple of Photo's from Sunny California

Summer is almost over but here are some sunny photo's from July in California.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Perks of Being a Passenger

It is not so easy to sight see and day dream while driving. I much before being a passenger. Someday I want to take a train trip across the country. I'll bring my camera and take pictures from my window. While zipping through parts of the country with particularly boring landscapes, I'll be saved by a good book and music from my i pod. I'll go to the food cart and drink tea and maybe talk to fellow passengers with interesting stories. I'll seek out the passengers with the distictly weary expressions on their faces. Those will be the ones with interesting stories. All of this talk about trains has reminds me of one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies. It is called 'The Lady Vanishes.' It's a comedy/mystery/romance. The movie takes place on a train, in a make believe country, right before World War II starts. It stars Dame May Whitty who is quite charming, and just the sort of person I would want to meet on a train. Here are some pictures I took in California while enjoying myself as a passenger in a car.